Our most frequently asked questions.


What is BUMF?
BUMF is the official student media group for Arts University Bournemouth. We present and publish some of the greatest works from AUB makers.
Am I allowed to submit?
Whether you’re doing PrepHE, a BA, an MA, a Research Degree, a Short Course, a Summer Course, going to Saturday Art School or if you’re just here for a term or more studying abroad, everybody is welcome to submit – current students and alumni.
Who runs BUMF?
Many people – all of them students! Have a look at our team here.
I can’t get the submit form to work! What do I do?
No problem! Just email us at hello@bumfmedia.co.uk and make sure to include all information from the form.
My question isn’t answered here.
Bad luck. Just kidding! Why not email us at hello@bumfmedia.co.uk – we’ll do our best to help!