Identity // BUMF Says

Our Chief Article Writer Brittany Sutcliffe shares her thoughts on identity. “Describe yourself”. “Well, at the moment I have pink hair, but I have blue eyes-”...

Protest // BUMF Says

Sorry we've been down for the past week, we ran into some technical difficulties. Hope you didn't miss us too much! Now we are back, have some content... Our...

Dash // Gabe Robertson

Gabe // Set in the countryside, a Touring Grand Prix takes the race through a small town only to have an unexpected car join the race!

Blowout // BUMF Reviews

Our Chief Article Writer Brittany Sutcliffe visits "Blowout", an exhibition spanning from 2nd - 12th February showing the work of Callum and Liam Painter in BUM...
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Queuers // Sarah Gomes Munro

Sarah // In this project we were told to choose locations and explore them through drawing, so I went where all students go: Lidl. I sketched there many days an...