Some Soppy Poems

By Eddie Mitchell


Some soft shit poem

You arrive, often late than not,

Anticipating plans of the morn,

Before we can wake together for another hour

You have departed at the crack of dawn.

Shadow shifting through secondary access,

I leave my walls to your security, a promised embrace.

I was disturbed if only for a second,

Before I realised it was you.



Soppy Tart

Heavy heavy thuds, be still and slow,

Jaded eyes finding strength in in the present,

The clock ticks much faster, In a radiant presence.

First real feeling in a quarter of a decade,

Conveyed, understood, no longer withstood,

First real touch in the quarter of a decade.

Opened, bare chest, one-man barricade.

Allies are for the fall; we are one on one for now.

Superstitious encounters lead to exposure, my Achilles heel.

Strike and lash out to reach blinded dexterous evasion.

Impulsive to be carried by the tide of romantic persuasion.

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The Making of Whimsyfish

By Becky Gilling

Meet Salacia, wife of Neptune and Queen of the Sea, she is a wonderful Whimsyfish who spends her time traversing the skies, spreading whimsy and sparkle wherever she goes… this timelapse video shows how she came to life!
Salacia is the first of two giant fish that we will be making, look out for them at events and festivals next year.

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Oh So 90s Or ‘O’ So Naughties?

By Bertie Ash

Yes we have seen it all before. That’s fashion, basically the regurgitation of basic ideas reformed, reshaped and redesigned to suit the needs of the fresh consumer. Well fashion for us students needs to capture our party needs, basic practical requirements and everything in-between.

Lets take uni life for example, what does a student wear nowadays? If parents were asked, what is student fashion? The response would probably be:

“Oh those ridiculously tight jeans, or those ones that hang around the ankles. Oh and girls with very minimal clothing and skirts so high that all modesty has been despatched!”

Okay, so clearly no student would agree with all that. Skinny jeans, a must-have essential in any youth’s wardrobe, but everything else is a huge understatement. Especially when you’re at an amazing arts uni’ like AUB, I mean, just look around and see the diversity and creativity of style that is so freely on display.

So girls and boys, what are we wearing today? Are we rocking those vintage Levis and oversize jumpers? Or maybe feeling a little extravagant, pulling-off a bright print shirt and some badass chunky accessories?

Now we’re talking fashion. This is so clearly 90’s that we have grown to love over the past year. Yes, we love it so much it has arguably become a comfort zone, until fashion’s next big decade to re-invent and celebrate. We’ve definitely swung through the 60s, grooved past the 70s and hit hard on the 80s, nailed the 90’s and are we already looking back on the 00s?

This ‘O’ so recent decade delivered as much regurgitation of past fashion decades as the rest, yet there may be a few key pieces that could almost certainly define the decade of mass r&b music and bubblegum pop prettiness.

Trend wise, we’ve seen vast ranges in silhouette, from tight and baggy, oversize and slim. Let’s say the 00s brought us tight everything for girls and loose fit for boys. And yes, “those trousers that hang around the ankles.” Ah misery, those parents were right…damn!

Oh well, we still love those skinnies. Yay, skinny jean pride, woo!

Ok so chunky accessories, and we’re loving the gansta chain and goth boots of the 90s, but maybe there’s a strong sense of sports style hitting the accessory market. More Nikes and New Balances please. Goodbye painful leather shoes, hello trainertastic!

So yeah, so we can agree that we’ve pretty much covered our student style of the now in general terms. Of course there are always those crazy fashion students who push the boundaries so high, couture just can’t cut it! Individuality is beautiful and by mixing-up those key fashion pieces with a vintage twist and a homemade shake, there’s always something new to wear.

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The Enclave

By Savannah Stott

This photo was inspired by Richard Mosse’s colour infrared photography project ‘The Enclave’ where he took photographs in Eastern Congo. The purpose of his project was to photograph the war where 5.4 million people had been killed since the conflict begun.

I have tried mirroring the topic of war. I photographed the locations of where some of the bombs had been dropped around Buckinghamshire during the air raids of the Second World War.
The reason I imitated the colour infrared style Richard Mosse used is to reflect the blood stained tragedy of World War Two that affected this area.


Library Globe

The AUB Library Globe is a collaboration project between Etty Flynn, William Clempson, Sophie Jade, Luka Nikcevic and Sam Tillen.

The photographs were taken by Adam Roberts, a third year BA (Hons) Photography student.

The Library Globe is a 3D Infographic representing all of the books taken into and out of the library on the 6th of October 2014 at the Arts University Bournemouth.

My group and I took it upon ourselves to carry out a survey, from nine o’clock in the morning until seven in the evening, recording the category and the time of every book being scanned and issued.

Our data was then transformed into 4 semicircular books, that together form a colourful globe.

Each page of the globe represents a minute of the day: the blank pages are the minutes in which no books were taken out and the coloured pages are the colour of the category that the book taken out belongs to.

We liked the idea of using the colour code already in use in the library because it is a system that AUB students are already familiar with.

To be able to decode the data, the viewer must go to either the library or onto the library website. Hopefully this will encourage more students to frequent the library instead of buying their recommended texts.


The time has been laser cut onto every coloured page, along with either an “In” or an “Out”, depending on whether the book was being taken away or brought back to the library.

The page in the photograph above represents a book from the Architecture category being returned.

On this particular day, 104 students brought books in and out of 16 different categories.
We’re very proud to say that the most popular category was Graphic Design.


Etty Flynn (blog)

William Clempson

Sophie Jade

Luka Nikcevic (website)

Sam Tillen (Behance)

Adam Roberts (website)