Where’s Your Head At? // Tegan Price

Tegan// I have been working on my ongoing ‘Where’s your head at?’ project for around 6 months now, deciding to cut heads off people to make them anonymous. I was focusing on fashion and body positions mainly, with a pink theme throughout.


It started with my interest in fashion and illustration combined, through the summer I was eager to start a project to fill my time when I wasn’t working as I didn’t have the time to do an internship – I wanted to build up my portfolio and so this is how it happened! I actually started by drawing my own outfits, as if I was blogging but through illustration, however, I got tired of this and wanted to draw some clothes I hadn’t seen before.


Being interested in streetwear fashion I ended up posting on The Basement, a large Facebook streetwear group asking for people to comment with photos of their outfits so I could get some inspiration for my drawings. I’d post them onto Instagram if they wanted and tagged each one, after I did a couple of illustrations I received interest from other people who had seen them, asking me to draw them (this was nice as I hadn’t had people asking me to draw them instead of the other way round!)


I used to be obsessed with drawing pen to paper, scanning in to a computer then editing and digitalising my illustrations using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I have created all from this project using my pen tablet to allow me to draw straight onto my computer, I found that this is a much easier way than scanning in a drawing as there is no background mess to clean up and you get a crisp image each time.


By focusing on the fashion and body positions in these illustrations and not the faces or heads, I think it unintentionally made them into something a little different despite just being a simple linear drawing. While creating each piece I saved them as a black and white linear drawing separately, hoping to create a larger piece over the next year. This piece will contain each linear headless person which will probably look like a mess from far away but when looking closer you will be able to see intricate details of each person!


Instagram// tegan.price